The Animation

Rickety Rat, You're a Louse of a Mouse is an animation about washed up Minstrel Mouse star Rickety Rat as he tries to get his life and group back together for one last big break, but it all keeps falling apart through scandal, mystery, and murder.

It takes place in an alternate roaring twenties in which rabbits, cats and ducks are high class, dogs and pigs are middle class, and rats are low class.  These are the times of speakeasies, vaudeville, taxi dancers and burlesque shows.

Rickety Rat used to be a big time entertainment star with his own variety show with Stumbles as his accident prone sidekick, Roofie as his girl and dancing partner, and Dolly and Digby Duck as their fellow dancers and performers.  But all that was taken away when it was revealed Rickety was having an inter-species affair with Dolly Duck.  His show was canceled and his troupe was broken up.  Dolly became a burlesque dancer and Digby had a mental breakdown.  Rickety was forced to work as a dishwasher and lounge performer at a low class rodent club with Stumbles, washing his cares away with liquor and cigarettes.

Now, he's got another chance to make it big, maybe his last chance. Will he be able to get his old group together, get his life together, and get back the love of his life?  Or is he just setting himself up for one last great fall?