The Characters

Rickety Rat
Rickety Rat is the star of his own show; at least that's what he tells himself.  He got his big break on Rascals' Funtime Minstrel Show, but was adored by the public and got his own show.  He got into a relationship with Roofie for the public but was secretly having a love affair with Dolly Duck.  It was this over extending that was his downfall.

Rickety is continuously depressed about his lost stardom, and drinks and smokes regularly.  He's irritant and pushy.  Some wonder why he's loved so much.  He wants more than anything to get back on top, but does he have what it takes to do it?

Stumbles is Rickety's right-hand man.  He's been with Rickety through and through from before his stardom to his downfall.  He's a lovable oaf, and professionally accident-prone.  He's not the brightest bulb, which may be why he's stuck with Rickety for so long, but he's loyal and always has a bright disposition.

Stumbles is fairly low on the class pole because he's a mix between a cow, a donkey, and a dog.  It doesn't help either that he's just slightly too tall and lanky.  His parents were very loving, even thought they were of different species, which accounts for his friendly and sympathetic nature.  And no, those aren't antlers, those are twigs.  Because he literally has wood for brains.  But is Stumbles a little too trustworthy and loving for this world?

Rascals Rabbit
Rascals used to have his own show, Rascals Funtime Minstrel Show, but that all changed when a young and upcoming Rickety Rat appeared on his stage.  When Rickety got his own show, Rascals career fell by the wayside, and he instead turned to the club business.  He opened his own joint for dancing, drinking, and maybe a little funtime gambling.

Rascals has been in the business longer than anyone and he knows when and how to get what he wants.  He may have to do things a little dirty, but sometimes that's how you get things done.  He has a whole network of goons and who knows who else on his payroll.  Some would call him ruthless, he would call it good business.  He's always had a grudge against Rickety ever since he unintentionally got muscled out of show business.  What's the degree he's willing to go to get what he feels he deserves?

  Dolly Duck
Dolly Duck, like Rickety, got her start on Rascals' Funtime Minstrel Show, but she started out as a "rodent performer".  On Rickety's show, she was able to unleash her true duck self as a dance partner to Digby.  When the scandal broke, it wasn't the fact that she was ostracized by the public that made her leave Rickety, it was the fact that he cared so much about it.  She became a burlesque dancer at Rascals' joint to stay dancing.

She's always been too tall and too thin to be stay within normal duck society, and that's the way she likes it.  She loves dancing, and enjoys the life of a burlesque dancer; she's never felt ashamed about showing off her feathers.  She hates people who only care about status.  Does she still hold a flam for the infamous Rickety Rat?

  Roofie Rat
Roofie Rat is the perfect size and shape to fit into society, if only she weren't a rat.  She, like Dolly and Rickety, got her big start on Rascals' show, and that's where she fell in love with Rickety.  He was a rat that wouldn't stand for being on the bottom, just like her.  When they got together, in the show and in real life, it was like a dream come true.  She was a rat on the rise with the love of her life.  That all changed when she caught Rickety cheating with Dolly.

After the scandal, Roofie kept mostly to herself.  No one knew what she was up to or where she had been.  But now she's back, and ready to forgive and forget.  She still loves Rickety, but is there a place in his plan for her?

Digby Duck
Digby used to be a very uppity and had a short fuse.  In fact, that was what he was known for.  His big act was a comical cavalcade of mischief that led to him literally blowing his top and going on steamed rants.  He was adored by his fans.  He didn't care much about relationships and such.  But when his career was over because of Rickety's scandal, He really blew his top to the point of having a mental breakdown.  He was admitted to a clinic for several years.

Now that he "got out", he's back in town and strangely serene.  He wants to make friends with his old colleagues and get back on his webbed feet.  But is his short temper really out of his system?

Wally the Willow
Wally the Willow has been along for a long time.  A very long time.  He is literally Rickety's oldest friend.  When Rickety and Stumbles were first starting out, they would do their act under the shade of his branches; sometimes he would even help out.  When Rickety got his big break, Wally almost lost a friend.  But now that he's washed up, Rickety visits him almost daily.

With Rickety getting his new group together, what does this mean for Wally?