Thursday, April 29, 2010

This pigsy wigsy taught you how to use flash

This week I've been busy with some freelance so I haven't had much time to work on the animation. Though I'm really glad I've forced myself to update each week as it gives me something to shoot for and I don't inadvertently put the animation on hold. I do have an update on my flash tutorial! I was concocting different characters, trying to decide one that has all the details I wanted to talk about.

And I didn't want to do one of the main characters secret damnit!

So I came up with him:

Pigsy Malone! Or Porky McRind. Or Orvell Dashing. I don't know, some quirky pig name. Anyways, Hopefully next week I'll have the first part of my video tutorial: how to use the line tool quickly in Flash.

Check out some of the other guys I was considering:

Aren't they cool lookin' and cartoony? They also represent the lower-class folk in my RicketyWorld ©. The mole guy is a gangster type, the turtle is a some sort of strongman joe, the doe-eyed kid is a lil' rapscallion, and the fourth one is uh...yeah he's just dumb. ALso check out the uppercrust:

Ducks and Rabbits and Cats and fancy birds oh my! Of course cats are upperclass. Jerks.

Sooo , since I reviewed a bleah Robert Downy Jr movie last week, for this week on Noir Review I'll talk about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! Honestly, this is more mystery/whodunit than Noir, but I think there are enough noir elements to call it noir, so I'm making a call. Sooo Noir-suspense-comedy? Yeah that sounds right.

It's funny and witty. Robert Downy Jr. does a great job as the deadpan and silly narrator and Val Kilmer is hilarious as a gay private eye. It makes pokes fun at the genre cliches and has one of those tight narratives that wraps up everything nicely in a bow. I love the dialogue in here. This is one of those movies you'll be quoting when no one knows what you're talking about. I completely recommend it! A solid 64 out of 67. How can you NOT see it with a score like that?!

Oh, and by the way, I learned how to embed video. Go me. Does anyone else love stylish graphic openings?

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