Wednesday, August 4, 2010

rodential concept art

Wow, I have not done a post in awhile. Well, I have been working on it, but I don't always have stuff to post. Been working on the animatic, but I can't show too much, don't want to spoil any of the story. Also, I've started character sheets for each of the characters and concept art for the settings. Here's a quick sketch of The Rodential: Bar and Jazz Club:

A little jazz bar where Rickety works and drinks. Mostly drinks.

I'm always on the look out for sites and books that have references to interiors and exteriors of 1920's buildings (especially bars and night clubs) so if you find anything or know of any, drop me a line.

I recently saw Assassination of a High School President and while I wouldn't outright call it a noir, it does have noir elements. I can't help feeling it's trying to be Brick but it's just not that stylish.

It's almost Brick's opposite or counterpoint; instead of a noir wrapped in a high-school drama, it's really a high-school coming of age story wrapped in a noir. But, it's still really funny and even though it's obviously a coming of age story, it's still enjoyable to see the main character go from downtrodden miserable nervous teen to confident badass man. And Bruce Willis is exceedingly funny as the War veteran principal. I'd highly recommend picking it up for a viewing.

Until next time ricketeers!

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