Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boardgame Beta is go!

Greetings Ricketeers! I've finished a beta version of my new boardgame, A Rickety Road to the Top! And now you can play it by downloading and printing it out!

I set up a nifty link to the right of the blog right below the followers. Just click it and it'll bring you to a rapidshare download(7 megs) that will download a zip file of the instructions, the printables, and the card backs(optional for cards). It's a little rough and I'm definitely going to get more detailed and fancy later, but for now I'm glad to just have the bones all set out.

I haven't tried it out yet as I have no friends out here cool enough to play boardgames, but I'll be trying it out for the first time this weekend!

I didn't include a picture or drawing on how to put the player pieces together, but I'm sure you guys are smart enough to figure it out. Also, I feel I should note that even though this is a boardgame, there's a pg-13 rating on it, as it does contain drugs, alcohol, murder and the occasional hooker(I'm appealing to that huge 18-24 yr old who enjoys playing boardgames demographic).

If you do decide to try it out(and please do) please message me or email me( about what you liked, what you didn't like, what you felt worked, what you thought should be added or taken out, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Gaming Ricketeers!

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