Friday, September 10, 2010

boardgame cutouts!

Hey there Ricketeers! I was really hoping to have a complete albeit beta version of my game done already, but I still need to finish a number of pieces. But I do have some stuff done already that you can even print out!

Here's a sheet containing the Rickety Rat, Rascals Rabbit, Digby Duck, and Dolly Duck game pieces. You can print out the sheet, cut them out and you'll have your own little Rickety game characters! You can even make them stand on their own if you:
1. Cut on all the dotted lines
2. Fold in the creases on the bottom front
3. Fold the front bottom segment and stick it through the slit in the back bottom segment
4. unfold the front bottom creases
It works, but it may be a bit confusing. I should probably take a picture or draw a diagram.

Also here are some sample game cards:
Skeleton cards are what makes the game interesting. If you get a skeleton card, and then get an action card or land on an action space in which you get outed, then you have to go all the way back to the start. I really want to beta-test this out.

Also, here are some board pieces of the interchangable board:

I'm hoping in a couple of weeks I can have all the assets completed and I can make it available for beta-testing. Until next time Ricketeers!

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