Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Backgrounds and Board version 2.0

Hey Ricketeers! Another post i have to show off some things I've been doing! First, some nice backgrounds for the Stumbles animation!

I think they look pretty nice, so of course you won't see them for less than a second. So is the lot of animation. Second, a horribly dark picture of a terribly chickenscratch sketch of the new Rickety Road to the Top board:

Even if you were able to see it in detail, there's no way you could read my hand writing. But I am going to playtest it either this week or next so I'll have a better 'shopped version of it by then! The important part is her you can see the structure of the board(which has significantly less pieces this time) in which it has a low class(outer ring), middle class, (middle ring), and high class(inner ring). You start at the lowest and progress by getting fame tokens, which you get by performing at certain spots. I like this mechanic better than the previous linear "get to the end" one.

More stuff to come Ricketeers!

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