Monday, May 2, 2011

Rickety Rat lives

Ahhh you guys! So much stuff has been going on. Mostly I've been preoccupied with some other comics. But this week I shall have progress! I SHALL!

First off, I've been reworking the Rickety Rat board game: A rickety road to the top. Don't want to flesh it out too much, but in a nutshell, I've made it a non-linear board, added helper and crooked helper cards along with skeleton cards, added a class system, and added money and fame tokens. This is definitely an improvement over the former version, and hopefully it will be a lot more fun. I'll work on the art and rules this week and hopefully playtest it with some friends in the next couple of weeks. Expect an extremely rough sketch of the board soon!

On the animation front, I have been working on the stumbles short, mostly just to see how long something like this would take me(answer: not a short amount of time). I'm halfway done with the rough frames and have a number of the assets already finished. I'm hoping to get something into After Effects to show this week.

In script news, I still need to rework some of the kinks. I had an idea for making a funny version and a tragic version with subtle differences, but not all the scenes work in a funny or tragic way. So we'll see how that pans out.

Also seriously thinking retooling the blog design.

Stay frosty Ricketeers!

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