Friday, May 6, 2011

A Rickety Road to the Top Version 2.0

Hey there Ricketeers! Got some new stuff from the board game for ya!

It's basically the same premise as before, become the big star before anyone else can, but instead of getting from one end of the board to the other, you have to get to the middle. Or, the top theatre, which is in the middle. Bear with me.

You climb the different classes by gaining fame tokens. The first one to get the necessary number of fame tokens and get to the top, wins.

I completed a rough version of the 3-class tier board. Each player starts at the Rock Bottom Bar, and can keep going around the board until they get enough fame tokens to move up to the next tier.

The way you get fame tokens is by going to "perform spots" and perform. A player will roll a die; if you get a high score, you get money and a fame token, if you get a medium score you might get money, and if you get a low score, you get a skeleton(I had to keep them in, but instead of just blatantly sending you back if you get caught, they just impede your process).

Money can buy you out of jams, buy cards that help, and in some instances even buy fame tokens, so money makes the game go round.

I also included Helpers and Crooked helpers. Helpers are cards that help you along, such as giving you points on your perform roll or more spaces to move:

Crooked Helpers can also help you, but they come with a greater risk and may have a bigger chance of getting you in trouble:

You can still go to jail, but you only lose a fame token and a turn or two, then you can go right back up to where you were if you have enough fame tokens. It's much easier to come back from, but it's still enough risk to be careful for.

Along with Perform Spots, there are also spots where you can pick up helpers and crooked helpers, dumper spots where you can pay to get rid of unwanted skeletons, copper spots where you have to do a safety roll to see if you get caught, and hotspots, where you roll to se if you get an action card, helper, crooked helper, money, more spaces to move, or a skeleton:

All I really have to do is finish the cards, write up the rules and make the game pieces before I can beta test it. I think I can use the same game pieces, just on a smaller scale. We'll see.

What do you guys think so far? Does it sound fun and interesting? Would you be intrigued enough to play? Does anyone want to help with the beta testing?

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